Training While Things Are Slow…

I just heard another common excuse for not training… HR Manager We are waiting until things pick up before we start employee training. My Thoughts Believe it or not, slow times are the optimal time to start your employee training initiative. These are great opportunities to get your current employees up to speed, and prepare them for […]

The Purpose of Cushion

I just received this question regarding a recent posting on my blog… Blog Reader You mentioned pressure loss with respect to the importance of maintaining a consistent cushion, could you quickly expand that thought? My Response All plastics are compressible… therefore there is a compression that takes place with the polymer in front of the […]

Understanding Back-Flow Within the Mold…

I received this question yesterday… MJ Could you explain the phenomena of back-flow inside the mold? I have in-mold sensors, but I don’t think I am seeing this. My Response Basically, there are two areas within the molding process where back-flow typically occurs: 1) Transfer From Fill To Pack: If the mold is completely full during […]

Targeting Cushion Size vs. Transfer Position

I was recently asked this question… e-Mailer We currently use a target transfer position of 0.25″ for all our processes. to avoid uneven barrel wear should we adjust the our standard transfer to something larger? My Response A standard cutoff is helpful when initially establishing your fill… but you ultimately want to target a percentage of shot size. […]

Torque Values For Larger Molds…

I received a few follow-up questions from a previous post, so I will address the most common one… JMG I was wondering if you have a chart showing proper torque spec for mold c lamps and bolts for 250 up to 1100 Ton machines?  My Response Sorry, but I do not have such a chart, but […]