The Importance of Proper Mold Venting

It is important to understand that all the air in the mold cavity must escape to atmosphere in order for the plastic to properly fill the mold cavity. Inadequate venting is an extremely common cause of molded part defects. At Routsis Training, customers sometimes ask us how many vents a particular mold should have. It’s […]

Maximizing Profits with Employee Training, Part 3: Boosting Your Bottom Line 

Bottom Line ROI for Plastics Manufacturers Today’s plastic parts are more complex and processing equipment is more advanced — while highly skilled and experienced employees are becoming harder and harder to find. This is costing plastics processors a lot of money at an increasingly faster rate. Because of this, most plastics manufacturers lose thousands of […]

Maximizing Profits with Employee Training, Part 2: Improved Product Quality

Poorly skilled employees are the root cause of most quality-related losses. Our customers typically realize reductions of over 61% in scrap and rework while eliminating most customer returns. All of this was a result of improving the skills and confidence of their workforce. Here are 5 quality-specific areas of improvement where proper training of production […]