Fill Time, Viscosity & Molding Economics

A friend emailed me this great question the other day regarding the relationship between fill speed and pressure… JM The pressure required to fill a particular mold went up from 950 psi at 1 in/s to 1050 psi at 3 in/s.  I understand the higher pressure needed to hit the higher speeds, but shouldn’t this be […]

PET Screw Design For Injection Molding

I received this blog topic request yesterday… Samer Concerning injection molding, is there a specialized screw used for PET? My Response Yes, the goal in PET processing is to (1) maximize output, (2) control shear heat, and (3) minimize melt tempertaure… yet ensure the polymer is fully melted and as homogeneous as possible. (1) The need to maximize output is […]

The Pitfalls Of Classroom Training

I was recently asked this interesting question… Customer I see that you teach at a university, are you planning on providing classroom training? My Response Classroom training is not the most effective method available for training your production employees. Some seminars provide 4-8 hours of training a day… which is far too much information to absorb in one week…never […]

Buffered Pressure Limit Settings

This question came in last month. Although I could not get any specifics about the machine such as age or model, I believe the question still makes a good discussion… E-Mailer Today I tried to adjust limit of injection pressure on Demag machine. I adjust maximum of machine 210 bar actual injection pressure was 160 […]

‘If I Train My Employees… They Will Leave’

I very often hear people justify not training their employees with the age old argument ‘If I Train My Employees… They Might Leave.’ One of the funniest responses to this I have heard is from Zig Ziglar who says ‘If you don’t train your employees… they might stay!’. All humor aside, ignorance is never a […]