Routsis SmartTech™: The World’s Best Face-to-Face Training for Plastics Processors & Technicians

Routsis’s exclusive SmartTech™ training focuses on the science of injection molding — not just on the workings of a particular injection molding machine. The majority of training time is spent at your molding machines, making it a better way to help your company improve efficiency, profitability and its competitive position.

Here are 5 ways in which Routsis Training’s SmartTech™ is the most effective face-to-face training system available to the plastics industry.

1.) Routsis Training is the only company to provide pre-requisite online training so your employees are prepared before the on-site training starts.

2.) All our instructors have at least 30 years of real-world industry experience to ensure your employees are getting information they can actually use.

3.) Because we use pre-requisite training to prepare your employees, they can spend at least 60% of the time on your production floor learning applicable skills.

4.) Post-Requisite training reinforces and expands on what they learned to ensure your employees retain the information they learned from the course.

5.) Completion exams are conducted after all the pre, post, & face-to-face training are complete to ensure they retained the important concepts.

The fact is that there’s only so much a person can learn in a short period of time. In order to get the most from face-to-face learning time, we instill much of the knowledge ahead of time with prerequisite online training. This information is reinforced in the classroom and forms the basis for skills development performed on your production floor. We then follow this up with more training after our onsite visit — and then test the participants to ensure the information has been retained.

Please visit our SmartTech™ page to browse the SmartTech™ Scientific Molding training seminars and workshops available to your company. Also have a look at what our customers have to say about how Routsis SmartTech™ has helped their companies succeed.

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