Plastics Business Magazine: “Future Proofing” Your Production Workforce

In the latest issue of Plastics Business Magazine, Routsis Training’s Vice President Daniel Stephens discusses the importance of “productive uptime” and how plastics processing facilities and toolmakers can maximize this crucial variable.

In the article, Mr. Stephens explains that maintaining a confident, skilled, and knowledgeable production team — from management on down — is the key to handling the (often unpredictable) changes and challenges all plastics manufacturers will inevitably face.

“Every company that has survived for more than a few years has endured change. Many plastics processors started out decades ago doing something completely different than their current core competence. The key to not only survive but thrive is a company’s ability to handle change and preserve a state of profitability.”

Daniel Stephens, Vice President of Routsis Training

Mr. Stephens continues with a discussion of how to effectively use hands-on mentoring, benchmarking, and other tools to develop a highly-skilled workforce that’s able to adapt — not only to cope with impending change, but to take advantage of the opportunities such challenges present.

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