Free Online Gap Analysis Testing

GapQuiz™, from Routsis Training, quickly identifies potential gaps in the knowledgebase of your plastics industry personnel for Scientific Molding, Blow Molding, Single Screw Extrusion, Twin Screw Extrusion, and (coming soon) Injection Molded Part Design. There are no charges associated with the Gap Analysis quiz and companies can test an unlimited number of employees with confidential results emailed to the participant.

“We wanted to help individuals and companies determine critical training needs.” said Andy Routsis, president of Routsis Training. “With our new tool, this process can begin instantly.”

Users test their plastics experience – using a computer, tablet, or smartphone – in any of the five GapQuiz™ categories. The questions in each test are randomly selected from Routsis Training’s Professional Certification exams. These thorough exams are used to certify workers’ proficiency by testing important industry best practices and concepts. Testing covers a wide range of industry-specific topics, including: scientific processing techniques, plastic material properties, process documentation, important safety concerns, design, print reading, and troubleshooting.

Visit Routsis Training’s website to learn more about the new GapQuiz™ tool, professional certification, affordable training packages, or to request a free demonstration course.

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