Routsis Training Releases New Online Courses on Automation & Robotics for Scientific Molders

Routsis Training announces the release of its new online training courses on Automation and Robotics for Scientific Molding.

Productivity, efficiency and labor savings are all justified benefits that a company of any size can experience when using the appropriate robotics and automation. The two new, full-length training programs produced by Routsis Training will provide participants with a solid understanding of the options and capabilities associated with the different types of automation and robotics available to plastics manufacturers.

Participants will be presented with critical safety and guarding considerations as well as how end-of-arm tooling can be used to streamline production within a cell. Robot configurations are covered in detail and include; sprue pickers, top-entry, side-entry and articulating robots.

“Take-out robots and automation are critical components of scientific molding to ensure process repeatability and product consistency.” says Andy Routsis, President of Routsis Training.

The new online courses, and all existing Routsis Training courses, are cross-platform and can be played using any web browser and on any tablet or smartphone.

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