5S Training in the News

Maintenance and Repair Organization (MRO) is an important aspect to efficient and timely equipment maintenance.

Issue: In most Lean manufacturing efforts, maintenance and management tend to be the two slowest departments to adopt practices such as 5S. This may be because they are perceived as an indirect or supportive component of Manufacturing, but this is not entirely true. If it takes an additional 20 minutes to find the correct part in maintenance, or 30 minutes to locate the correct document in HR… then it affects will directly affect manufacturing. Every department including management and maintenance need to be involved in lean manufacturing efforts to ensure these practices are adopted company-wide.

Routsis Training in the News:

On the training side, A. Routsis Associates Inc., Dracut, Mass., recently announced a program of five new online courses called The 5S System (Steps One through Five). The system is a method that describes how to manage a workspace for efficiency and effectiveness. The steps are Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing and Sustaining. Each area is covered in detail to ensure that work environments are clean, organized, consistent, properly maintained and up-to-date. The goal is for participants to learn the daily habits of the world’s most efficient molders to establish and preserve workplace organization, according to Routsis. In order to be competitive in general, you need to be efficient and effective,” said Dan Stephens, senior plastics engineer and a trainer with Routsis. -DeRosa, Angie “Firms should see MRO as path to peak performance” Plastics Machinery Magazine. May 2016

You can read more about the concerns of MRO here.

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