New Online Courses Teach 5S Methodology

Routsis Training announces the release of five new online training courses, entitled The 5S System (Steps 1-5).

The 5S system is a workplace organization method that describes how to manage a work space for efficiency and effectiveness. The five steps – Sorting, Straightening, Sweeping, Standardizing and Sustaining – are covered in detail and will ensure that any work environment will be clean, organized, consistent, properly maintained and up to date.

Participants will learn the required practices and habits that the world’s most efficient molders perform on a daily basis to establish and preserve workplace organization. Each ‘Production SkillSet’ course is accompanied by a worksheet so that your employees can immediately integrate the 5S System into your plant.

“Cleanliness and organization are essential components of a highly profitable molding operation and customers demand proven systems in today’s competitive marketplace,” says Andy Routsis, President of Routsis Training.

The new online courses, and all existing Routsis Training courses, are cross-platform and can be played using any web browser and on any tablet or smartphone.

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