Transferring with Temperature Sensors…

All the Scientific Molding principles apply when developing a process for V-P transfer using a temperature probe as with a process developed with position transfer.

Question: How does the development of a process differ when using a position transfer vs.a transfer via temperature sensor?
My Response:  The purpose of transferring using a signal from a temperature sensor is to establish a consistent mold cavity filling volume each shot. The first step is to build a good process using position transfer. Once you have established a good reliable process, you know the desired injection volume necessary to make a good part. From this point on, you adjust your temperature sensor transfer settings to get the same fill volume as your established process. This technology does not replace good process development, it just just provides you a method of better repeating that acceptable process.
Additional Thoughts: There is a large amount of processing technology available, but they do not replace god processing. The best use of this technology is to build a good reliable process which compensates for most variation, and then use the technology to reduce variation from that established process.

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