Increasing Part Density…

Polymers are compressible, so there are many ways to increase density of your molded part. This is especially true for semi-crystalline polymers.

Question: Our customer is complaining our product density is lower than other suppliers based on a 3D CT SCAN inspection of our product. How do we increase the density of the PA66+30%GF product.
My Response: There are a few aspects to this, but you should always start with the basics:
1) A higher melt or mold temperature will slow cooling, resulting in more semi-crystallinity.
2) A short shot during fill will allow you to use more packing pressure without flashing the mold.
3) A higher injection speed will reduce the pressure drop during fill and allow more packing to take place.
4) A shorter cooling time will allow the part to have more cooling after molding.
  1. MJ left a comment on 2014/05/05 at 2:34 pm

    Hi Andy.
    Another way is to increase Hold Pressure in DII process.
    BR, MJ

  2. Andy Routsis left a comment on 2014/05/05 at 3:32 pm

    Correct Milan,
    Item #2 requires a decoupled process built with a short shot during injection.

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