Mold Temp & Oversized Parts…

This question highlights the complexity of polymers… 
I came across a troubleshooting guide for oversized parts and one of the remedies was to increase the mould temperature. Now I understand it will help shrink the part to the required size, but one thing I do not understand that due to higher mould temperature, melt would be even more compressed in the cavity resulting in heavier parts. Will it not negate the shrinkage we achieved by increasing the mould temperature. I will appreciate your thoughts on this.
My Response
I understand there are two opposing situations occurring here. An increase in mold temperature results in increased part shrinkage overall. Adversely, the increase in mold temperature will result in an decreased pressure loss throughout the cavity and an increase in the gate seal time. In practice, the increase in shrinkage overcomes the other factors resulting in a smaller part overall.
Additional Thoughts
Keep in mind, a lower packing pressure can often be used with an increases mold temperature.

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