PPE for Purging…

I have seen many variations on this principle…

Here we only require our employees to wear safety glasses when purging… is that fine?

My Response
Purged plastics can cause some of the most debilitating injuries because they have a tendency to not only burn, but stick to or inject under your skin as well. When purging goes well, the conditions are relatively safe, but it is not uncommon for a explosive discharge to occur as a result of nozzle blockage or gas buildup.
If you are not wearing a face shield, heat resistant gloves, and long sleeves while purging; you are opening yourself up for serious injury.
Additional Thoughts
In all our training courses, we stress the same PPE recommended by most machine manufacturers which includes the wearing of the following when purging:
  • Face Shield
  • Heat Resistant Gloves
  • Long Sleeves (Cotton)

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