Optimal Baffle Length…

This was a second part of a question I received the other day…

What is the standard baffle length to baffle
channel length?  How much clearance at the between end of baffle and
bottom of channel?

My Response
There is no standard for baffle length, though it is critical that you balance the baffle flow (and restrictions) with other coolant lines. As for the baffle end, you do not want to restrict flow in this area, this could cause water to flow around the baffle rather than over it. This might cause it to bend to one side. Generally, this clearance is 0.5-1.0 times the diameter of the hole.

Additional Thoughts
After installed, you should always test the balance of the cooling system with a flow meter to ensure the baffles are actually receiving coolant flow. I have seen many molds where 6 or 8 baffles are installed in series using one cooling line in parallel with a straight water line. In such a case, the water will avoid the baffles and take the straight water line path of least resistance.


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