Follow-Up on Safety Glasses…

A blog reader posted a response to a post on safety glasses, and I believe it deserves a little more attention…

I think safety glasses should be used in tool room and maintenance area as Personal Protection Equipment, there is no need in quality lab and warehouse.

My Response
I agree with the Tool Room and Maintenance… As for the lab and warehouse, many eye related accidents actually occur in these areas.
In the lab, many companies do dangerous activities such as perform mechanical testing, use chemical agents, cut samples, and even perform rheological tests. Many of the activities in a quality lab can be dangerous and each company should take a look at this before making a judgement.
As for the warehouse, many eye injuries occur when someone is looking up while something is falling down. It is very common for dust, debris, and pellets to accumulate on the top of boxes, molds, and containers stored within a warehouse. When these are pulled from the upper storage racks the employee is looking up while all this dust and debris is falling down.
Additional Thoughts
In many situations, safety glasses are not required in the lab or warehouse, but your company should truly assess the risks before making a decision.

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