Employees Don’t Like Wearing Safety Glasses…

I was asked this question the other day…

We are trying to get everyone to wear safety glasses, but no one likes to wear them, especially management.

My Response
Basically, this is not a safety issue, this is a management issue. If management believes in an initiative, they need to support it. Managers, engineers, and administrators need to wear safety glasses when on the production floor. Personally, I prefer making everyone subject to the same reprimands or penalties as a result of not wearing the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment.
This may sound simple, but I have never seen an initiative succeed without management support. For example, every company I have seen have trouble with 5S excludes management. Employees are not going to take time to clean up their workplace if their boss has a messy office and the supervisor’s desk is full of clutter.
Additional Thoughts
Safety glasses are not a matter of preference… they are a matter of safety. People would be wearing safety glasses while shopping, driving, and watching TV if they were fun, interesting, or fashionable.

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