Basic Tensile Strength…

I received this question the other day…

Can you please advice me the wall thickness of this Product with PP material to withstand 100kg tensile stress? The maximum thickness is 4mm.

note: the part has a round diameter in the middle, so the thickness referenced is actually a diameter.
My Response
For online purposes, we conducted this using the yield strength of a generic grade of PP at room temperature which = 120Mpa. We also used the 4mm measurement to determine acceptability.
F = 100kg = 980 N
A = pi * r^2 = 0.00001257m^2
Tensile Strength = F/A = 78,000,000 N/m^2 = 78 Mpa
In this scenario, the maximum thickness of 4mm would be acceptable assuming the application is a low-risk application where the product is stressed for a short period of time.
Additional Thoughts
Although this is a simplified example on how such a calculation could be performed since I have no specific information about the product or application.

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