Alternate Sources of Fiber Contamination…

A blog reader emailed me some pictures regarding a product which is encountering post-molded contamination of various fibers. After some question and answer, it appears they are using a cleanroom environment and the fiber contamination is from many sources. Most of the typical precautions have been investigated and they are looking for a different opinion on the situation.

My Recommendation
From your notes, it appears you are using a blower fan on the product, if this is not an anti-static fan, we recommend upgrading to an ionizer-style anti-static fan.
On all the blower fans in the molding room, we strongly recommend that the air that is blown over the molded part be diffused or diverted afterwards. This ensures they are not sending the blown-off debris into the room’s atmosphere, or creating small air currents within the room which can pick up other debris and fibers. In one case, I have witnessed a current which actually blew up the wall and across the ceiling because many fans were aimed at the floor in the same direction.
We recommend eliminating any air nozzles on the production floor. These are often used by the employees to clean off machinery, equipment, and clothes. A vacuum with a clean filter should be used for all cleaning unless absolutely necessary.
Additionally, check all the filters in the molding area for both cleanliness as well as for fit.

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