Understanding Online Meetings…

I have seen many attempts towards the marketing of online meetings as training for production workers and I would like to define what an online meeting is and how I have seen it is best used…

Online Meetings
There are many resources available where you can conduct meetings online. In most cases, these provide an open environment where someone can display their computer screen and everyone can communicate using a phone or computer microphone. These systems typically limit the participants to 10-15 people since more participants will have difficulty communicating openly. Ultimately, this is a great way to collaborate on a project, conduct a meeting when everyone cannot get together, or meet with people working off-site. I have talked to many companies who have used this tool very effectively for collaboration.
As a training company, we use similar tools to coordinate and collaborate on projects with our employees and training partners. It is also very common for us to use these tools to demonstrate specific concepts to our customers. In most cases, we will ask our customer to show us their computer using the software so we can see what they are doing… and help them complete a specific task.

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