Safe Injection Unit Servicing Procedures

After recently hearing about an on the job injury I decided to post an entry on safety procedures and their importance.
My Thoughts
Whenever you are servicing a mold be sure to move back the injection unit from the clamping unit. Pressure can build up in the barrel when the nozzle is in contact with the sprue bushing. If a cold sprue is removed with the injection unit forward any pressurized plastic behind the sprue can shoot out resulting in serious burns or injuries. 
Remember, the heat shields around the machine barrel and heater bands can become very hot during operation and will stay hot for hours after the molding machine has been shut down. Take great care in determining the proper protective equipment needed when working on machines. Although the machine may have been turned off hours ago some regions of the injection unit may still cause serious burns. Even though heat resistant gloves may be common in your facility, take care in protecting your forearms and the rest of your body as well. I have seen many people burn their arms while wearing heat resistant gloves because they had short sleeves. 
High voltage components are enclosed within electrical cabinets, and are typically located on the front side of the molding machine. Anyone working on electrical machinery should be fully versed on the plant’s “lock-out / tag-out” procedures. Failure to follow the proper procedures can results in a serious shock or death. 

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