How Often to Train…

Earlier this week, I was asked this common question…

How often should I train my employees?

My Response
I will address this in two ways… Frequency and Time:
Frequency of Training – When possible, try to train your employees at least once a week. This training could be an online course, focused on-the-job instruction, instructional presentation, or skill development exercise. This is crucial to advancing the behaviors and actions you wish to reinforce. Without frequency, people will become complacent.
Length of Training Session – Try to keep the training sessions around an hour or less at a time. Extended training sessions become cumbersome to the trainee, and their ability to retain information is significantly reduced over time. If you have a significant amount of information to present, break it up into manageable pieces.
Additional Thoughts
To ensure long lasing effectiveness of employee training, the key is to have routine and ongoing training sessions to promote a healthy atmosphere of learning.

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