Avoid Oversizing Your Micro-Molding Machines…

I was recently asked to determine if a specific machine is adequately sized for a specific job…

The Situation
The machine was 40 tons with a 1.5 oz barrel.
The part requires less than 5 tons with a 0.1 oz shot size.
My Response
The machine is much to large for molding a single cavity. The mold requires less than 25% of the tonnage, and the shot size is approx. 7% of the overall shot size. As a result, such a mold would result in a very inconsistent processes with a long barrel residence time and inconsistent mold clamping.
Since the mold was not yet constructed, the molder could create a two or four cavity mold which would better fit into the machine and better utilize the machine’s capabilities… though a smaller molding machine would still be better suited for a one or two cavity mold.
Additional Thoughts
Since larger machines use more energy, the closer you can match a mold to the machine’s capabilities… the more efficient the overall process will run.

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