Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Process Sheets…

I was recently at a customer with both open-loop and closed-loop molding machines…

Can a standard, machine-independent, process sheet be used for all our molding machines?
My Response
In this case, the best way to process an open-loop machine is much different than a closed-loop molding machine. An open-loop machine should be full at the end of 1st stage… while a closed-loop process should be short-shot at the end of 1st stage.
As a result, molders who process both types of machines should have one machine independent process sheet specifically for open-loop machines, and one process sheet for closed-loop molding machines.
Additional Thoughts
It is always preferable to process with a closed-loop molding machine… and it is almost always cost beneficial to replace your open-loop molding machines when possible.

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