How Much Re-Training…

Yesterday, I received a question I get asked all the time…

Should I do any re-training of my employees?
My Response
We recommend regular retraining of your employees for two reasons…
1) Each time someone takes the training, they will pick up, learn, or understand something new.
2) Retraining also ensures they do not lose track of the fundamentals, which can often happen over time.
Basically, your employees should always be learning and reviewing,,, especially in the complex and diverse field of plastics processing.
Additional Thoughts
Any good plastics professional should be should always be learning and honing their skills. What I know, and the approach I take to processing adjusts, and improves as every year passes. Likewise, when I refer back to educational and reference materials I have used in the past, I always find good information that I forgot or have not used in a while.

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