Getting a Spotting Press…

I received this question over the weekend…
A friend of mine recommended I get a spotting press for the molding department. What are their uses and should I consider getting one?
My Response
A spotting press is great for checking the parting line. This is a large hydraulic press specifically designed to open and close the mold. 
Spotting fluid is placed on the parting line and the mold is closed under pressure using the press. Areas where the spotting fluid transferred from one half to the other are areas where the parting line is shutting off successfully. A parting line mismatch exists in areas where the spotting fluid does not transfer from one side to the other.
I recommend that any molder either have a spotting press, or access to a spotting press. If you have a toolmaking department, it is a necessary investment. 
Additional Thoughts
If you are a small molder, or have a small tooling department just for repairs, then it might be a price advantage to bring the tool to a local tool shop and borrow their press (this will also expose you to their expertise in evaluating the results).

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