Approaching Training With Your Employees…

I was asked this question during a recent on-site visit…

How do I discuss training with my employees in a manner which makes them accepting?

My Response
When discussing employee training, it is critical to focus on how it will affect the employees. For example, if operators are not involved in the training initiative during the first couple months, let them know when they will be trained, and who will be taking the training first.
Explain a few of he specifics such as, how many hours a week or month they will train, the types of information they will learn, how the training will benefit the company as well as how it will benefit the employee.

With any initiative, employees will look to management for honesty and their commitment to maintaining the program. Keep the program transparent and track the progress visibly so everyone can see the program actually being used.
Many companies start a new program and then let it fall by the side when it looses visibility. Always update the employees on the progress of any company initiative.
Additional Thoughts
Don’t be afraid to make this process fun. Banners, luncheons, gifts, and announcements are great ways to inform your employees.

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