When to Torque Mold Bolts…

A blog reader asked a great 2-part question regarding die setting…

During the installation of a mold, is it a good practice to build tonnage prior to applying torque to mold bolts, or energizing a magnetic platen?
Is there anything wrong with torquing the bolts or energizing the magnetic platen before torquing the bolts?
My Response
Regarding the first question: You should always secure the mold by torquing or energizing before applying full clamp tonnage. The mold should be fully closed without clamp tonnage when the bolts are torqued or magnetic platen energized.
Regarding the second question: The purpose of the clamps or magnetic platen is used to support the full weight of the mold when it is open or without clamp pressure as well as align the two mold halves. Since both the mold base and platen flex during full tonnage, securing the mold while it is under full clamp tonnage may result in an improperly aligned mold base or inadequate torque.

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