Group Training In Different Facilities…

I was asked the following question the other day…

In our main facility, we follow up our training with group discussions with some success. Unfortunately, in our facility overseas, these discussion groups don’t work at all. Do you have any ideas why this happens?

My Response
In group settings, there are typically a couple people who follow along with the discussion, while others often struggle to keep up. If the ones who are struggling are uncomfortable in speaking up, then the entire effort suffers.
Additionally, factors such as the company, management, or even culture can make it difficult for a participant to feel comfortable speak up. Overall, most employees prefer to learn at their own pace.
Additional Thoughts
When we establish training programs, we prefer structured self-paced training with focused one-on-one instruction which ensures that the employee learns. In such a setting, the employee does not feel any of the pressures that exist in a group format. This approach has proven successful in virtually all companies and cultures.
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