Conditions For The Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test

I received this questions from one of our advanced blog readers…

Before I perform the dynamic check ring repeatability test, must I optimize the screw recovery, decompression, back pressure, and feed zone temperature.
note: The Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test monitors the ability of the check ring to mold consistent short shots by weighing and comparing the part weight of 10 cycles. For more read: 

Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test

My Response
It is always nice to have everything optimized…. though these will typically not cause enough variability to fail a check ring repeatability test. If your variability seems high as a result of such a test, I would suggest purging the barrel and optimizing these parameters before I went through the effort of pulling the screw or making any equipment changes.
Additional Thoughts
Also, for those readers interested in learning more about optimizing you melt, I recommend the following blog entry: Optimizing Screw Recovery…

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