Explaining the Need for Training

I was recently asked this training-related question…

I am having a hard time explain the importance of training to new hires, how might I approach this?

My Suggested Verbiage
Training plays an important role in the success of any molding facility, and provides benefits to both the employee and employer. It is important that personnel at all levels participate in a structured in-house training program. Such employees increase their knowledge base and learn applicable skills to enhance their performance in a production environment.
Training also helps the employer satisfy their customers – and ensures future customers that they’ll be able to handle new challenges. Such training is essential to performing your job correctly. In addition, training can help achieve your professional and financial goals by providing job advancement opportunities.
Additional Thoughts
Don’t be afraid to be frank, especially with new hires… Any employee who is unwilling to learn and improve should be concerned about their longevity at your company.

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