Intensification Ratios with Multiple Injection Cylinders…

I received this from a blog reader the other day…
I need to be able to figure intensification ratios for my current presses. Right now I am stumped by the intensification ratios because some of the presses have to parralel cylinders exerting force on the screw… you multiply the diameter of both?
note: The intensification ratio is a factor which is used to convert the hydraulic pressure being applied to the hydraulic injection cylinders into the actual pressure being applied to the polymer melt at the front of the screw. For example, if a hydraulic pressure of 1000psi is applied on a machine with a intensification ratio of 12, then the plastic would receive (1000psi)*(12)=12,000psi.
My Response
You are close… when you calculate the intensification ratio, you need to add the surface areas of the two cylinders and use that value in your calculations.
For one cylinder:
Iratio = Acylinder  Ascrew

For two cylinders:
Iratio = (Acylinder 1 Acylinder 2) / Ascrew
Iratio = 2 * (Acylinder) / Ascrew

Additional Thoughts
Determining the intensification ratios for each machine is a critical step in obtaining real process output data from your molding machines.
  1. Shalini left a comment on 2014/01/01 at 11:40 pm

    Compared to default one cylinder based presses, two cylinders gives more efficient. Your calculation gives useful idea.

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