Adjusting for Differences from Machine to Machine

This is a topic which often occurs when you are processing with various machines.

How do I compensate for the differences in how my machines handle the transfer from fill to pack?

My Response
Although we often talk in generalities… each brand and generation of machine has it’s quirks.
For example, when using an older ____ controller… I often have use profiling to incrementally drop the injection speed at the end of fill to slow down the large ram so it does not overshoot during pack.
Also, I recently used a ____ all-electric molding machine which would stop the ram when I turned off second stage pack, but would allow the ram to overshoot once pack was turned on. In that case, I had to turn on pack… but reduce the pressure to the minimum setting to get a realistic performance.
Additional Thoughts
Think of it like a car, an older truck may need 3rd gear to climb a hill at 40 MPH… while a newer sports car could easily climb it in 2nd, 3rd, or 4th gear. Some choices are preference… while some are from necessity.
The key is to establish a way to document the process in a manner which can be duplicated and transferred to your different molding machines.

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