The Benefits of Low RPM Grinders…

One reader asked this question regarding grinder selection…

I am considering the purchase of a low RPM grinder for nylon sprues and runners, is there any reason I should reconsider?

My Response
Note: High RPM grinders typically rotate a set of blades at a very high speed. When the rotating blades pass by the stationary bed, they cut the part giving the familiar rat-tat-tat sound. The motors on these grinders tend to be over sized… and they often consume a significant amount of energy relative to the amount of material they consume since they have to maintain a very high RPM to work effectively.
In most cases, I prefer the low RPM grinders because they consume less energy than high RPM grinders… especially if it is running constantly. Low RPM grinders use a heavier set of stepped blades which operate more by maintaining the momentum of the blades to steadily chew up the plastic. Over time… theses grinders tend to be less expensive to operate and maintain… especially if they are in constant use.
Additional Thoughts
Most grinders are best used in applications where the amount of material being fed into the grinder is close to the maximum amount it can consume. A grinder which consumes only 10-25% of it’s capacity can waste a large amount of energy over time.

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