Optimizing Fill For Electric Molding Machines

This question just came in regarding energy savings and electric molding machines…

I know that having a short shot can provide a more reliable process, but my technician says a fill during first stage saves electricity since we can use a lower packing pressure. Is this True?

My Response
First, you are correct that your process will be more solid and reliable if it is short during first stage. This is critical to compensating for material variation… which will always save you money over the long term.
Second, your first stage injection pressure will show an increase as the material reaches the end of fill. If you look at the injection pressure integral for the entire cycle, you will find that the energy applied to the polymer will be virtually equal in either case.
Additional Thoughts
You should always approach your processing in a logical manner… regardless of whether the machine has an all-electric, hydraulic, or a hybrid design.

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