“Want Good Products… Train Good Employees”

A. Routsis Associates, Inc. was recently featured in a great Modern Plastics article by Clare Goldsberry entitled ‘Want good products and processes? Train good employees’.

In this article, she discusses how companies such as Molded Rubber & Plastics Corp. in Butler, WI improve their workforce through employee training at all levels from management to operator. In this article, Mike Dalton, director of quality for MRPC states “Basically, we’re only as good as our worst operator, so we carefully screen employees prior to hiring and then screen them during a 60-day training and orientation period.”
In this article, I discussed the right way for a company to train. “If they do the training the wrong way, it’s a disaster,” he says, noting that some companies give the training responsibility to the “lowest guy on the totem pole. Training has to be from the top down.”
Ultimately, the companies that succeed in both the upswings and downturns are those who have an in-house employee advancement system in-place to ensure your workforce is capable and flexible to handle the future. One, two, and three week seminars can help introduce new technologies to your employees, but real change occurs when learning is continuous, ongoing, and relevant to what your company does.
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