Time to Learn; Time to Save

A contributor at engineering.com posted an optimistic blog entry entitled ‘Time to Learn; Time to Save’. This entry addresses employment and professional development during recessionary times.
Corporal Willy (excerpt) 
The worst time to do nothing is when nothing is being done.  Economic Recovery is being talked about but when you are unemployed that can seem like an eternity.  I suffered through a few recessionary periods in my working career and in my career choice if the “Stock Market Coughed and Sneezed, then Big Construction got a Severe Cold.”  Because of things like the prime interest rate and some other factors all governed by the Stock Market, Banking industries and Material Suppliers, our jobs could be here today and gone tomorrow.  I have had to travel far away like many others in the building trades to get construction jobs. Many brother members of my local worked on the Alaskan Pipeline when there wasn’t any other work available.  “Have tools will travel” was kind of a war cry back then and still is today.  But armed guards had to watch over you at times because of the polar bears in the area that were suffering hard times too.  It wasn’t an easy career and it was very hard on marriages and all the other things that a normal kind of living should be like.  Yet it was rewarding too.  It fostered a way of life in most of us that could be summed up in this aphorism, “never put a wishbone where your backbone ought to be.”  We made our own futures…
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