The Science Of Training – An Executive Audiobook

New Executive Audiobook:
I have just released an audiobook on professional employee development entitled ‘The Science of Training’.
You can listen to it here:
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Sample Excerpt:
Just to give you a taste of what is covered… Below is a short transcription from the middle of this executive audio CD:
Many companies also make the mistake of training only their “key employees.” You know the people I am talking about… these are the go-to-guys and gals at your plant on whom you rely to get everything done. While these few ‘key’ employees may become much more knowledgeable than their co-workers, this disparity could trigger some negative tensions. Also, the production personnel get into the bad habit of always running to the ‘go to guys’ to get things done – instead of solving the problem themselves.

In reality, these people are relied upon again and again because they are reliable. I have spoken with employees who have gone for three and four years without taking a vacation. I bring this up because you have probably heard, or even said the phrase… ‘If I train them, they will just leave’. Well, if you just train your key employees then they will leave. The reason is… you are sending the message of… ‘I want you alone to learn this, implement this, and add this to your overwhelming list of stuff you already have to do’.
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  1. Larry W. Geist left a comment on 2009/08/11 at 6:21 pm

    Hi Andy,
    I always say that the only thing worse than training an employee and losing him is not training an employee and keeping him.

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