12 – The Elements of Great Managing

Recently, I have read a great book entitled ’12 – The Elements of Great Managing’ by Rodd Wagner and James K. Harter. In this book, the authors discuss the twelve simple concepts managers use to create quality employee experiences. I highly recommend that any manager adds this book to their summer reading list.

In this book, there is a great amount of relevant information but I wanted to mention the twelfth element – which is to provide ‘Opportunities to Learn and Grow’. As you know… people resist change. In this book, the authors make the argument that they feel that monotony is even worse than change – talk about a catch-22!
I bring this up because, any manager needs to create an atmosphere where their employees can learn and grow. Don’t just give your employees educational opportunities, but also familiarize them with the jobs of others and those around them.
In actuality, if you treat your employees professionally… they will act professionally. Adversely, if you treat your employees like mindless drones… you will not get the best out of your workforce. Always keep this in mind when you move forward with your workforce development initiatives.

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