Complications From Changing Screw Diameter

I just received this interesting question yesterday from a medical molder… AP We are planning to change screw size because we are using less than 20% of the shot size capacity of the press, can you give us a little information how this problem affect our process control and how big is the impact on […]

The Pro’s and Con’s of Mold Insulation

I just received this question regarding adding insulation between the mold and the platens… Milan I want ask you if it is a good to put plate between mold and machine platen? Some technician told me yes, cause you need isolate warm mold from cold platen. My Response Just to clarify for our readers… many injection molders will position insulation plates […]

The Importance of Housekeeping

I believe many companies underestimate the importance of housekeeping… George My technicians keep telling me that custom-molding facilities are always somewhat messy due to the high number of mold changes. How do I argue against this? My Response George, your techs are pulling your leg just to defend their laziness… though many injection molding plants do […]