2nd Stage Time vs. 2nd Stage Pressure

During a recent webinar, I received this great question… Webinar Participant Do you recommend running at different pressures when performing gate seal studies? My Response You should first determine the optimum pressure using a relatively large 2nd stage time. This allows you to determine the actual amount of pressure that is required to pack and […]

Cushion Monitoring: Variation & Setting Limits

One of our more advanced customers just asked these questions… Jim M. Monitor the shot-to-shot variation (cushion)… if it is not consistent, can I increase the back pressure? What tolerance should I be able to hold on cushion, e.g. I am hitting 0.20” cushion, what should I be expecting to repeat, i.e. what min & […]

Dynamic Check Ring Repeatability Test

One of our more advanced customers brought to us this observation… Jim M. It is interesting that this test does not utilize the pack & hold portion of the cycle; just the fill portion.  Experience shows, especially with high 2nd stage pressures, that the screw will drift, and some reflection of that would be a […]

Proper Torque Value for Clamping Mold to Platen

A good friend of mine just asked the following question… Ron Z. Is there an industry standard for how much torque a set up person will use to clamp a mold? I know there are specs for the bolt used but I think they’re too high. We use multiple clamps and multiple bolts per mold […]